SIA “Transact Pro” Privacy Policy

SIA “Transact Pro” operates in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

We highly value security as a must that our customers expect from an organisation to which they confide their private information. We therefore have implemented high security and quality monitoring standards at SIA “Transact Pro” ensuring compliance with the PCI DSS requirements among others. Security examinations and audits are regularly conducted at SIA “Transact Pro”.

The information provided by the customers is only made available to a limited number of qualified and authorised employees who perform customer identification and other duties that reasonably require access to private information, such as payment processing and dispute resolution. All employees of SIA “Transact Pro” whose job description requires professional access to confidential information have attended relevant training courses and continue regular improvement of their knowledge in the area. Non-disclosure of any and all confidential information is stipulated in the employment contracts with all employees of SIA “Transact Pro”.

We guarantee confidentiality to our customers because we value their trust and confidence. Our customers can rest assured that we will not provide any of their private information to any other organisations or third parties without their consent, except in cases where the provision of such information is necessary for the due rendering of services in line with the requirements set forth by international payment card organisations and there is an effective agreement between the customer and SIA “Transact Pro”, or where the disclosure of such information is lawfully requested by competent authorities under the law and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. Our operations are supervised both by the international payment card organisations (MasterCard Worldwide) and domestic authorities, e.g. the Financial and Capital Market Commission. The personal data processing procedures of SIA “Transact Pro” have been registered at the Data State Inspectorate of the Republic of Latvia whereby the company is a holder of a personal data processing registration certificate No. 002160.

SIA “Transact Pro” duly follows the latest trends and requirements in the area of information technology and data protection with the purpose to secure both non-disclosure of private confidential information and protection of customers’ payments and funds deposited on their accounts against any unauthorised access.

Our private customers grant their consent to processing of their personal (including sensitive) data by signing the card application. Personal data processing is performed as specified in Payment Card Usage Terms and Conditions of SIA “Transact Pro”.