How It Works


  • What is Īstā Dāvanu Karte?

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte – is a gift card, which you may use to purchase any goods, or pay for any services, at any place. Transact Pro issues Īstā Dāvanu Karte in accordance with the MasterCard Worldwide international payment system license; therefore, you can use the card EVERYWHERE where MasterCard is accepted.

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte may be issued both for private and legal persons.

  • Who issues an Īstā Dāvanu Karte and how can I contact this institution?

    Transact Pro is the issuer for Īstā Dāvanu Karte – the first Latvian non-banking institution, which joined MasterCard Worldwide with the right to issue MasterCard payment cards on its’ own authority. Since 2004, Transact Pro has been a successful player in the financial services market, with clients all over the world.

    You can reach us personally at the company office in Kr. Valdemara street 62, Riga, as well as by phone +(371) 67 222 555 or e-mail

  • Where and how can I get the Īstā Dāvanu Karte gift card?

    To order an Īstā Dāvanu Karte, please fill in the application form on this web-page or visit our office in Kr. Valdemara street 62, Riga, as well as by phone (+371) 67 222 555 or e-mail

  • What are the advantages of Īstā Dāvanu Karte?

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte is the first and only gift card issued in the Baltic states, which you may use anywhere MasterCards are accepted - even abroad. With Īstā Dāvanu Karte, you can easily shop and book tickets online.



  • Can I reload my Īstā Dāvanu Karte account?

    Your Īstā Dāvanu Karte cannot be reloaded – meaning that after you pay the selected card’s value, you will not be able to make any deposits to this card account. If there is a need to pay more than the available balance, you can order a new gift card or pay cash.

  • Can I choose the card currency?

    You can open a card in any of the following currencies: EUR, USD.


  • Where can I use my Īstā Dāvanu Karte?

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte is an international MasterCard payment card, which you can use at any trading place accepting MasterCard. With Īstā Dāvanu Karte, it’s easy to shop online and use for traveling or everyday shopping throughout the world. You can order this card as a gift for your relatives, friends or partners.

  • Can I withdraw cash at ATM using Īstā Dāvanu Karte?

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte cannot be reloaded or used for cash withdrawals at any ATMs, bank affiliates or anywhere withdrawals or deposits are possible.

  • Is it possible to use Īstā Dāvanu Karte for online shopping?

    With Īstā Dāvanu Karte, online shopping becomes convenient, simple and secure. Since the card supports MasterCard Secure Code technology, it enhances the security of all online purchases.



  • Is it safe to use Īstā Dāvanu Karte for online shopping?

    Transact Pro ensures safe and pleasant online shopping. Your funds are protected from unauthorized usage by the following security means:

    CVC2 code – a three-digit protection code necessary for your identification and online payment confirmation. It helps to protect your card from fraudulent activities.

    Password – a six-digit code which is known to only you, and is necessary for your remote identification. If an online vendor uses the MasterCard Secure Code system (logo will be on the web page), you should enter this password to confirm your payment.

    Apart from this, our staff regularly monitors all transactions, identifying and sorting out suspicious transactions.

  • Can I trust Transact Pro?

    Our customers’ trust is guaranteed with our long-standing positive reputation. Our company undergoes annual verifications for compliance with PCI DSS security standards. We act in accordance with Latvian law on payment services and electronic money handling. That’s why we gained the trust of millions of customers throughout the world. For more information please visit Security section.

  • Does Īstā Dāvanu Karte meet the security requirements for non-reloadable gift cards?

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte meets all the necessary security requirements, supporting the MasterCard Secure Code payment confirmation system. We use a special password, which is used for user authentication when shopping online. This password is known only to a cardholder and safely protects the funds from unauthorized usage.


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