• The perfect gift!

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte – an ideal gift for any celebration or holiday! Don’t limit your relatives and friends to a small circle of local shops and shopping malls. The world has been global long before and now it’s time for your gift card to do the same.

  • Get shopping freedom all over the world

    With Īstā Dāvanu karte it’s easy to give happiness to yourself and others! Shop at any place, any city, any country – everywhere there is a MasterCard logo! Even online!

  • Nominal value from 15 to 150 EUR

    The maximum nominal card value is 150 EUR or 150 USD – this opens a wide range of possibilities for online and offline shopping, domestically and abroad.

  • Main currency choice: EUR, USD

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte is available in any of the following currencies – EUR, USD.

  • Validity period – 6 months

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte gives you half a year of joy of shopping and comfort.

  • Anonymous deals

    When a payment is made with Īstā Dāvanu Karte, the actual owner is not mentioned anywhere thus making the majority of transactions confidential. Only at some trading places will you be asked for ID—if the sum of your purchase extends the maximum allowed limit.

  • Card blocking

    If necessary, you can block your card by using the Transact Online system, or by calling (+371) 67 222 555: we will block the card to avoid all unauthorized usage.

  • Multi-lingual customer support

    We assist our clients in English, Latvian and Russian languages.

Using Cases

In Everyday Life

  • Grant the whole world

    Grant the true joy of Īstā Dāvanu karte for the people you love! A whole world of desired gifts with one single card!

  • Money-gifts for children

    Īstā Dāvanu karte is an up-to-date gift, even for children. It allows for you to avoid the purchase of unknown goods or services, because parents can see all the transaction’s through the reports on the Transact Online system.

  • For online shopping

    An excellent gift for online shoppers! What can be better than home shopping? Buying gifts online is always a great thing, but with Īstā Dāvanu Karte it’s even more pleasant!

  • For a trip

    Īstā Dāvanu Karte – is secure during any trip, whether a holiday or a business trip. No need to change currencies or to carry large cash amounts with you. Your funds are in full safety!

  • Wedding gift

    All honeymooners dream about such presents! It’s easy to pay, has big value and you can pay with the card anywhere abroad.

In Business

  • Employee gifts

    Looking for an easy way to grant bonuses to your employees? Īstā Dāvanu Karte is the right tool. Cash in hand is not sound. A MasterCard, however, is a privileged gift which your colleagues deserve.

  • Gifts for partners

    Īsta Dāvanu Karte is a great gift for your partners as well. They will feel comfortable and free in enjoying purchases locally and internationally.

  • For business-trip expenses

    With Īstā Dāvanu Karte any business-trip will turn into an exciting event. It is easy to pay with the card everywhere. No need to change currency, no need to collect bills, fill in expenses reports or make unnecessary transactions – all data is available in the Transact Online system.

  • For representative costs

    The possibility to lead important meetings at a high level is evidence of your company’s business savvy and good image. Īstā Dāvanu Karte can be used for representative costs - attend cultural events with your partners, pay for catering services and even hire freelance interpreters to make the right impression, every time.